This Instagram Account Puts the Creepy Dudes Who Comment on Your Photos on Display

April 2nd 2016

Danielle DeCourcey

Social media can be a scary place for women, so the Instagram account @commentscasanovas, run by an anonymous man with help from a partner, is putting creeps on blast.

The account aims to bring you "all the charming comments left on attractive people's Instagram posts." The man responsible for the creative content on the account told ATTN: that he came up with the idea after seeing gross comments all across social media. 

"After a while I realized there was more to this than humor - it became evident that these kind of comments are an epidemic on Instagram.
Women are receiving unsolicited harassment online countless times a day. That's when I decided to start tagging the commenters to see what happened."



He also posts a hilarious reply along with the pervy comment and photo.

@commentcasanovas on Instagram

@commentcasanovas on Instagram

@commentcasanovas on Instagram

Gross men on Instagram even went after Queen Bey, and like any respectable American @commentcasanovas went after him.

@commentcasanovas on Instagram

Instagram briefly deleted the account for a day but @commentcasanovas reappeared yesterday and is making a comeback. Instagram said the deletion was a mistake, but @commentcasanovas thinks it was more than that. 

"Initially Instagram deleted a post after I published a guy's comment and tagged him in it. He wrote to me telling me I better take it down or else or he 'would report me to the police.' This was absolutely laughable to me – I was just re-publishing content he had already put out into a public forum. So I posted the DM conversation and tagged him in that too. That's when my account got deleted."

Complaint to @commentcasanovas

"I received a notice from Instagram saying that I was 'targeting individuals' as the reason for the deactivation. I was livid – by shutting down my account Instagram were essentially condoning this behavior. I wrote an appeal and the next day my account was reinstated and Instagram wrote to me saying they made a 'mistake.' (Galore magazine also wrote to Instagram so no doubt this helped too). Whether it was mistakenly deleted I cannot say – we'll see in the future as no doubt more guys will complain about being humiliated and start playing the victim. It will be interesting to see Instagram's reaction but I am buoyed by the overwhelming support I have received in the comments and via DM from my followers."

@commentcasanovas Instagram post on media attention

The men behind the @commentcasanovas Instagram account are not the first feminists to combat social media sexism. ATTN: reported on Instagram and Facebook users Photoshopping male nipples over female ones with the hashtag #freethenipple to fight policy double standards. This guy at @commentcasanovas just wants people to think before they post. 

"My aim with this account is to bring this issue to light and cause people to think twice about posting these type of unsolicited comments in the future.
The only way to change people's behavior is for their actions to have consequences."

If you're going to protest sexism, you might as well make it hilarious.

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