This Woman's Response To Being Asked For Nudes Is Perfect

March 1st 2016

Laura Donovan

A 19-year-old San Diego woman's experience with getting asked for nude photos is going viral on social media.

The woman, who goes only by the name Michaela, recently tweeted that an old acquaintance named Ethan sent her an Edible Arrangements basket as an apology for asking her for nude pictures. The tweet gained a lot of traction and led The Huffington Post and BuzzFeed News to write about it and interview her:

"I was talking to this guy Ethan last year and then he asked for nudes so I stopped talking to him," Michaela told BuzzFeed News, adding that this kind of thing happens to her often. "Fast forward to this year and he tries to start talking to me again. I jokingly say I’ll forgive you if you send me an Edible Arrangement. The poor sap does and I ate it on the way to work."


Ethan went on to tell Michaela via text message that his friends retweeted her tweet and that another female pal chewed him out for being a "fuck boy," an internet term used to criticize men for acting sleazy, inconsiderate, or inappropriate.

Michaela text message screenshot via BuzzFeed News

Michaela, meanwhile, is still getting a lot of attention for her tweet, which has more than 40,000 likes and 20,000 retweets as of writing time.

"I honestly think the response I’ve received has been hilarious," Michaela told The Huffington Post. "The story is pretty lighthearted so I’m not taking anything too seriously."

Many have cheered her on via Twitter, and expressed an interest in taking the same approach with guys who ask them for nudes:

Michaela is one of many women to receive unsolicited requests for nude photos from men, which is considered a form of harassment if the gestures are unwanted after a woman has said no. Some men will become hostile or pushy if women reject or ignore their requests for naked images, a move that's inspired Instagram account Bye Felipe to publish screenshots of exchanges between hostile male users and women on online dating platforms. The Bye Felipe movement was born from the legendary "Bye Felicia" line in the film "Friday."


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