Cher and Ted Cruz Trade Blows on Twitter

December 13th 2015

Alex Mierjeski

Cher, the world-famous pop diva and excitable tweeter, has been launching an all-out tweet offensive against Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) in recent days. And on Saturday, after being described as "Satan incarnate" and "Judas," the Republican presidential candidate finally responded.

But don't get too excited—it was in a manner much more measured than his provocateur:

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The tweet was in response to Cher's biblical reference, in which she equated the relationship of Judas and Jesus, to that of Ted Cruz and the country he's currently in a bid to lead. She used the hashtag #30piecesofsilver, citing the supposed amount Judas Iscariot accepted to betray Jesus.

In response to Cruz's tweet, the singer wrote that while the words she chose to compare the two may have been "base," Cruz remained "an unworthy man."

Of what Cruz is unworthy is not exactly clear. But the singer's previous 140-character musings on the candidate have left less to the imagination—even if they do take some effort to decipher.

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The singer has previously written to her nearly 3 million Twitter followers about her views on political candidates, including Ted Cruz. In October, she said that Donald Trump was a "giant" among his fellow contenders, once again comparing Cruz with the lord of the underworld.

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