Here's What Happened When Men Wore Bras for a Week

August 3rd 2015

Laura Donovan

All women know bra struggles from the beginning of puberty, but while men often reap the benefits of breasts, they do not understand the difficulties of upkeep.

That's why BuzzFeed Motion Pictures just published a funny video following men as they wear bras for an entire week.

The clip opens with men getting fitted for bras. A woman tells them off the bat that females view bras as "a necessary evil" they want to remove after a long day. The men learn this very quickly. Not only are they disappointed to have small bra sizes, but they also struggle to fasten the back part. It takes one man seven minutes to do so.

"I understand why bra burning happened in the '60s because this is a whole restrictive thing here," he says.

The woman goes on to tell them why women wear special sports bras during exercise. "It holds you in when you're working out, so if you're bouncing around at the gym, doing stuff, your breasts are going to be all over the place."

"There's so much to remember," one guy says. "Incorporating something like this into your daily routine, it might be a challenge."

One man realizes how hot it can feel to wear bra cups underneath a top in warm weather. The other man is alarmed to find red marks on his body from the straps and calls his mother to ask how to wash a bra.

After going for a run in a bra, one man describes the experience as like "wearing boxer briefs made of wet scuba suit material."

The video ends with men complaining that bras are a true nuisance, but us ladies already knew that. This is meant to be a humorous video, but if more men attempted to wear bras or watched this clip, perhaps there would be more support for the topless beach and Free the Nipple movements.

Here are some tweets that attest to the struggle of sporting bras: