Ivanka Trump is Getting Dragged Over This US Weekly Cover

June 7th 2017

Kyle Jaeger

This week's Us Weekly cover features Ivanka Trump, who "takes a stand" against the president and explains "why I disagree with my dad" in an interview with the magazine.

But Twitter isn't buying it—in part because the first daughter has proven ineffective as a moderating influence on her father. The "why I disagree with my dad" headline inspired a meme, with photos of real and fictional children who have terrible fathers.

In the early days of Trump's presidency, numerous reports suggested that Ivanka would be able to leverage her relationship with the president to shape and temper his agenda. Climate change, LGBT issues, and women's rights were described as her chief concerns.


More than 100 days into Trump's presidency, though, Ivanka's ability to affect the administration's policy decisions has come into question. For example, Trump withdrew the U.S. from an international climate agreement last week in spite of her attempts to convince him to do otherwise, which involved bringing in climate activists for meetings with the president and appealing directly to the the head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA.)

Sources close to Ivanka told Us Weekly, which was purchased by the owner of the pro-Trump National Enquirer in March, that the first daughter was "disappointed by his decision," but that "she’s learned to take such defeats in stride."

“Sometimes she and [White House advisor and Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner] are a big influence on Donald and sometimes he takes other opinions into account and does something they disagree with," another source told the magazine. “They win some and they lose some.”

But to progressives, Ivanka's losses have far outnumbered her victories thus far. And the Us Weekly cover—especially in the wake of the Paris Agreement withdrawal—reinforces a narrative that has been repeatedly dashed.