George Takei's Tweet Provides a Beacon of Hope This Election

November 9th 2016

Laura Donovan

Actor and Activist George Takei shared a pair of social media messages on election night aimed at giving hope to those saddened by presidential candidate Donald Trump's likely win.


Takei, who was forced into a Japanese internment camp for several years during his childhood, tweeted that he and his family managed to survive the horrors of that experience, and that he has faith the U.S. will endure the worst of what they fear in a Trump presidencey. 

He relayed a similar message in a Facebook post:


Takei has previously criticized Trump's comments about President Barack Obama and his remarks about Mexicans, among other things. He also expressed fear that Trump's anti-minority rhetoric sound similar to what he heard during the time of Japanese internment. 

"When Trump today says Mexicans are rapists and drug dealers, it is his way of similarly dehumanizing whole groups, so that he can set his plans in motion," he said.