Paying Attention: Connor Franta on Coming Out

YouTube star Connor Franta spoke to ATTN: about homophobia, LGBT advocacy, and coming out in the age of social media in an exclusive interview. 

Franta recalled experiencing homophobia growing up in the Midwest, a problem that persists in today's schools

The prolific vlogger wasn't always a gay icon — or even openly gay. Franta made a 2011 video titled "I'm not gay" before coming out to fans on camera in 2014.

"I felt like I had to make a video saying 'I'm not gay,' because it was such a bad thing that I had to tell people 'I'm not'," he said.

Franta stressed the need for LGBT-inclusive education reform in sex ed and other curricula. In that respect, one state is ahead of the curve. The California Board of Education voted last summer to add lessons on the LGBT rights movement to the curriculum at public schools.