Mike Pence's NY Restaurant Choice Says a Lot About Trump's Strategy

July 16th 2016

Danielle DeCourcey

Mike Pence celebrated the announcement of his vice presidential bid by eating at the chain restaurant Chili's.

It might be a strange choice to some people, but the Chilli's meal tied Pence to the millions of Americans who eat there regularly.


A politician eating at an affordable chain restaurant is actually not unique in this presidential race. Whether it's successful or not, Republican presidential candidates have used food to seem more relatable to the public.

Donald Trump celebrated his nomination as the Republican presidential nominee by eating McDonald's.



Celebrating 1237! #Trump2016

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On the Mexican holiday Cinco de Mayo, he made a misguided attempt at improving his image with Latinos by eating a taco salad in Trump tower and posting it to Twitter.

During a visit to New York City back in April, former Republican presidential candidate Texas Sen. Ted Cruz made and ate Matzo ball soup with the Jewish community. He also ate at a Chinese restaurant.

Who ever thought McDonald's could be part of a political strategy?

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