Playboy Model's Unauthorized Nude Photo Controversy

July 14th 2016

Taylor Bell

A Playboy model is under fire for secretly capturing a photo of a naked woman at the gym and body-shaming her on social media.

Dani Mathers, who was named Playboy's 2015 Playmate of the Year, posted an image of a naked woman in the gym showers on Snapchat, BBC reports.

The image outraged people on social media, with many criticizing Mathers for not only body-shaming the woman but also posting such an intimate photo without the woman's consent.

As a result, Mathers apologized for the incident on Twitter and Snapchat. She said she never meant to broadcast the photo to the public and then deleted the image from her Snapchat.

Mathers' actions are sparking a conversation about privacy issues at gyms in the age of Snapchat and smartphones.

There has been ongoing debate about cellphone use in gyms, with some mainstream gyms cracking down on patrons' cellphone use altogether.

“Our main reason for discouraging cellphones from being used on our fitness floors is for the privacy of our members,” Karen Jayne Leinberger, a spokesperson for Life Time Fitness told Men's Health. “We don’t believe that the fitness floors and locker rooms are a place where camera phones and video phones need to be. We’ve never had a specific issue that made us ban cellphones, but we’d rather not take that chance."

But because cellphones often double as music players and fitness trackers, policing cellphone use at the gym is quite difficult to enforce, as The New York Times reports.

[h/t Distractify]