Men With This Social Skill Are Seen as Attractive

July 15th 2016

Tricia Tongco

The ability to tell a good story is more valuable than you think.

"Women rated men who were good storytellers as more attractive and desirable as potential long-term partners."

That's the finding of new research published this month in the journal Personal Relationships, based on three studies that all showed the same results, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Previous research has shown that finding positive meaning in the negative events in your life's narrative is tied to greater life satisfaction. These new findings tell us something interesting about attraction between heterosexual partners.

Psychologists believe the reason women find good storytellers appealing is because of the following, the WSJ reported:

  1. The man is demonstrating an ability "to connect, to share emotions, and, possibly, to be vulnerable."

  2. He is also showing that he "can gain resources and provide support."

“Storytelling is linked to the ability to be a good provider,” because a man is explaining what he can offer, Melanie Green, an associate professor in the department of communication at the University at Buffalo and a researcher on the study, told the WSJ.

Interestingly, the research showed that "men didn't care if women were good storytellers," the newspaper reported.

How you can use storytelling to strengthen the bond in your relationship? Here are a couple of tips from the WSJ:

  • Telling a story about your first experience doing anything, from your first kiss to your first car, is a great place to start. This also includes the story of how you first met your partner.

  • Include details. As the old adage goes, "Show, don't tell." Such descriptions can help "unlock emotional truths."

You can read the rest of the tips at The Wall Street Journal's site (paywall).