This Post Shows the Dangers of Waist Trainers

July 13th 2016

Danielle DeCourcey

A hilarious post about a waist trainer "tragedy" is going viral. Actor Christianee Porter's popular video character Ms. Shirleen tells a story about her niece's waist training efforts, which she says are based in reality.

Waist trainers are a popular beauty trend, which forcibly give women the appearance of a trimmer waistline.


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In a video that's been viewed 290,000 times on Facebook and thousands more on Twitter, church lady Ms. Shirleen makes a passionate rant for women to stop using waist trainers, and the character makes some truly good points.

"You understand these waist trainers is killing ya'll," says Shirleen.

Walking up to the the camera in comfortable white church shoes, Shirleen says that her niece fainted at the Red Lobster down the street.

"She's wearing a waist trainer in 130 degree weather having happy hour at the Red Lobster."

Evoking a plea to stop the violence, the character warns that the waist trainers cut off oxygen to your brain.

"Ya'll want to make it out here through the summer? Stop killing yourselves," she yells emotionally. "Stop training your waists."

Shirleen says the people using waist trainers are testing God.

Although she's a hilarious comedy character, Ms. Shirleen touches on some #FACTS about waist trainers.

Waist trainers are truly dangerous for your health and researchers have known it for a long time, despite their reason resurgence courtesy of Kim Kardashian West and other celebrities.

"Just because a celebrity promotes it doesn't mean that it's safe or that it works or that it's proven," said spinal surgeon Dr. Paul Jeffords to USA Today.

Corsets were fashionable for about 400 years starting in the 16th century, according to Valerie Steele's paper "The Corset: A Cultural History." Dr. Ludovic O’Followell published a paper more than 100 years ago that showed the damaging effects of tight corsets.

"It just crams all of your organs together. So over a long period of time, wearing it too much and too frequently, it can cause damage too," Dr. Tasneem Bhatia, an Atlanta physician said to USA Today.

X-Rays from "Le Corset" by Dr Ludovic O’Followell (1908)

Like Ms. Shirleen says, they can also make you faint. Women can't get enough air in them and they also make heart burn and indigestion worse, according to USA Today. If someone did go to a Red Lobster for Happy Hour in a waist trainer, they could be in store for a bad day.

You can watch Ms. Shirleen's full rant about waist trainers from actor Christianee Porter's Facebook page below.

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