Act of Friendship Makes Prom Unforgettable for Teen Diagnosed with Cancer

September 9th 2014

Evan Aczon

Mask Prom

The world is not all gloom and doom, after all. 

Your high school prom is usually something that can never be taken away from you, for better or for worse, given the myriad pictures that might someday seem embarrassing to your kids. 

But for Jared Hill, a high school senior from Woodbridge, Virginia, it wasn't a flashy bowtie or a boutonniere that completed his outfit. It was a protective mask that covered his mouth and nose. 

Jared has cancer, and for the past few months has been undergoing chemotherapy to treat it. But as a high school senior, there was no way he was going to miss out on taking his girlfriend to prom. The catch: his chemotherapy had severely affected his immune system, and the only way his doctor allowed him to attend a public gathering like prom was to wear a protective mask. 

Surprisingly, there aren't too many "fashion masks" out there, and while it wasn't Jared's ideal accessory, he was going to make the best of it. What he didn't expect was what happened next.

His girlfriend, Emily Jarrell, had an idea that involved more than just her date. When Jared showed up to meet with the rest of the group, he discovered that in a heartfelt act of support, all 17 people in the party were wearing matching masks in solidarity. 

“It makes me feel real happy to have such great friends,” Hill said. “For them to do something as big as that for me, that showed a lot of character.”

Hopefully we can all spread this kind of good will.