7 Foods That Are Considered Healthier by the Public Than by Experts

July 6th 2016

Tricia Tongco

When you think of healthy foods, a few solid staples probably come to mind — salad, fruit, chicken — but other items aren't as universally agreed on.

Thankfully, The New York Times conducted a survey of 2,000 American voters and 672 nutritionists from the American Society for Nutrition, asking them to rate 52 common foods as healthy or not healthy.

One of the most fascinating findings was a list of seven foods that are considered healthier by the American public than by experts:

  1. Granola bar

  2. Coconut oil

  3. Frozen yogurt

  4. Granola

  5. SlimFast shake

  6. Orange juice

  7. American cheese

As The Times reports, the food with the widest gap between experts and the public was granola bars, with 71 percent of ordinary Americans deeming them healthy. Only 28 percent of nutritionists agreed with them.

There were also several foods that the expert panel considered healthy that nonexperts did not:

  1. Quinoa

  2. Tofu

  3. Sushi

  4. Hummus

  5. Wine

  6. Shrimp

Why is there a difference?

According to The Times, several of the foods considered healthier by regular Americans than by experts have one thing in common: "They can contain a lot of added sugar."

This type of sugar is added to foods in order to heighten flavors, which is different from sugars that naturally occur in foods — a distinction that the Food and Drug Administration is prioritizing in a new template for nutrition labels.

"It’s possible nutritionists know this, but the public still does not," The Times notes.

The rest of the article dives into foods that are considered healthier by experts than by the general public, such as sushi, hummus, and wine, as well as foods that befuddle people with and without nutrition expertise (hint: butter).

Read the whole story here.

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