This Could Be the New Name for Washington DC If It Becomes a State

July 2nd 2016

Tricia Tongco

On Monday, a statehood commission decided that if Washington D.C. wins its bid for statehood then its name would be "New Columbia," reports The Washington Post.

If you don't like that name, you're not alone. Even Sen. Paul Strauss, one of the five members of the commission that made the decision, admitted that he's not keen on "New Columbia," telling The Post:

“We decided to keep what had been part of the statehood legacy since 1982,” said Strauss, who says he’s not a “super fan” of the New Columbia name. “If the voters of the new state want to change it, that’s going to be a great thing they can do as a free state.”

In his statement, Strauss alludes to a 1982 referendum in which voters approved the name "New Columbia" during an earlier bid for statehood, according to The Post. According to the Washingtonian, it was chosen over Anacostia (the runner-up), Potomac, Rock Creek, Capital State, and the State of Utopia.

Not everyone is down with "New Columbia" as a name.

Sure, adopting "New Columbia" seems simpler, since it was already approved, but some people think it has an unfortunate connection to Christopher Columbus, who has become a controversial historical figure.

As the Washingtonian reports, DC resident Travis Swanson brought this up during the mayor's rollout. "[Americans] have sugarcoated the history of Christopher Columbus and what he did as a person. I don’t think that we should instill an honor on Columbus that would give him a star on the US flag.”