Dove's Latest Campaign Features Very Different Women for a Good Reason

June 29th 2016

Almie Rose

Dove's got a new campaign — and it's got people pumped.

#MyBeautyMySay is the hashtag behind the campaign, which highlights women from all walks of life who have nothing in common except for being judged on their appearance.

There's genderqueer model Rain Dove, who talks about how she was considered too masculine to model ("When they were talking about female, they weren't talking about me.")

Heather Hardy, a boxer who was told she's "too pretty to fight."

And Jessica Torres a fashion blogger who was told she was "too fat."

The video also features Judith, a 66-year-old clinical psychologist who is told she dresses "too young"; Elizabeth, a poet who was told her try to change her curly hair because her curls were "too wild"; Elaine, an administrator who was told to fix the gap in her teeth; Hannah, a photographer who decided to stand up for herself and all women against catcalling; Grace, a burlesque dancer who was told her nose was "too big"; and Marcia, a law firm partner who was told she was "too pretty to be smart."

All of these women have the same thing in common: They were told their looks were the only thing that defined them.

In a study conducted by Dove, they found that "7 out of 10 women agree that they get more comments at work about their appearance than their achievements." This is where #MyBeautyMySay comes in. The campaign encourages women to "stand up for their own beauty."

And women are responding to Dove's message.

You can watch the entire video below.

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