What This Woman Did to the Creep Who Punched Her in the Crotch Is Genius

June 28th 2016

Lucy Tiven

A London woman's Facebook post about turning the camera on man who allegedly attacked her is being widely circulated online.


The post was written by Azmina Dhrodia, a women's right's campaigner at Amnesty International, who claims that a stranger punched her in the crotch on a London street.

Dhrodia described what happened leading up to the video clip, and said her first reactions were shock and anger.

She asserted that when she began to confront her alleged attacker, he responded with aggression, and gestured violently.

viral fb post harassment

In her post, Dhrodia speculated that the man might have assumed she wouldn't speak up due to her age, race, or what she was wearing.

But she said that once she told him she was a human rights campaigner and had contacted the police, he changed his tune.

FB post street assault

Her attacker said it was his first time punching someone in the crotch and apologized — but he continued to belittle her, Dhrodia explained.

fb post street assault

So she decided to make him prove he was sorry, and took a video of his apology.

Azmina Dhrodia FB post

On Facebook, Dhrodia said she wanted to shame her attacker and spread the message that male entitlement isn't an excuse to harass or assault women. She also hoped the video would make others "think twice" before acting similarly.

A 2014 report commissioned by the nonprofit Stop Street Harassment (SSH) found that 65 percent of women in the U.S. had experienced street harassment.

Forty-one percent of the women surveyed "had experienced physically aggressive forms, including sexual touching (23%), following (20%), flashing (14%), and being forced to do something sexual (9%)," the report adds.

Other women have used social media to speak out about everyday harassment, but the physical, violent nature of what Dhrodia experienced makes her response especially courageous.

You can read and share her full post below and on Facebook.

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