Neo-Nazi March Ends in Multiple Stabbings in California

June 26th 2016

Aron Macarow

A march led by neo-Nazis outside of California's state capitol building in Sacramento ended with multiple people being stabbed Sunday, as counter-protesters attacked them.

According to the Sacramento Fire Department, as many as five people were hospitalized with "critical trauma stab wounds" and a total of seven people were transported to the hospital following the fight. It is currently being described by authorities as a "mass casualty incident."

Photos posted to Twitter from the event show a large crowd of counter-protesters lined up at the Sacramento capitol building midday Sunday waiting to meet the permitted march by a white supremacist group, the Traditionalist Workers Party. The Southern Poverty Law Center says that the Traditionalist Workers Party "aims to indoctrinate high school and college students into white nationalism" and serves as the political organizing group for the Traditionalist Youth Network. SPLC labels both groups "virulently racist and anti-Semitic."

But the counter-protest devolved into what some have labeled a "melee," with video footage of the events posted to social media showing masked, black-clad counter-protesters chasing after other individuals with large wooden sticks and other weapons.

Photos from the incident also show wounded individuals bleeding as well as blood splattered sidewalks in the park surrounding the California state capitol building.

Sacramento's ABC10-TV interviewed one of the counter-protesters, who was among the "150 anarchists and 'anti-fascist' protesters" in attendance. (Reports indicated that the original neo-Nazi protest included approximately 25 participants.) The unnamed individual, who has a bloody bandaged strapped to her head, explains that the counter-protest's attack was meant to "shut down the Nazi scum," concluding: "And we did that."

The incident is still unfolding at time of press. According to Twitter accounts, a gun was also recently discovered near the Capitol grounds, but arrests have yet to be made.

Editor's Note: This story was updated after we discovered facts about the Traditionalist Party's origins lacked attribution. Attribution has been added. We apologize.