Mother's Facebook Post Shows the Touching Way She Celebrates Her Son

June 22nd 2016

Aimee Kuvadia

A mother is celebrating her child in the most beautiful way possible.

Devon Berryann's Facebook post of her 6-year-old son sporting nail polish and a tutu is going viral for sending a powerful message of acceptance at a time when it seems the world could use a little more of it. 

She writes:

"My six year old son likes to wear nail polish. He likes to wear girls’ clothes and tutus. He tells me about the boys he likes at school. He says he will marry them and adopt babies. Maybe he will outgrow it. Maybe not. I love and accept him for who he is. I always thought that doing that would protect him from the pain of hurtful words and bullies, and I didn’t worry."

boy tutu

But Berryman began second-guessing herself after her son told her about his classmates teasing him at school for his painted nails. The concerned mother didn't want her son to be subjected to the same kind of hate that inspired Omar Mateen to open fire at an LGBT nightclub in Orlando earlier this month. "In that moment I was so terrified that I wondered if it would be better to stop appeasing him," she writes.

Her fear was short-lived. She considered all the ways not accepting her son could damage him as well.

"Then I remembered all the reasons I let him be who he wants. Because it makes him happy. Because nothing hurts more than seeing your child truly sad. Because pretending to be someone you’re not to please other people only leads to self-loathing. To depression and to suicide. And that too made me afraid."

Facebook users were moved by Berryann's post, which was shared more than 13,000 times.

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