Brilliant Hashtag Sums Up What It's Really Like to Be a Woman

June 18th 2016

Almie Rose

Sometimes the best way to shut down an argument is to point out the absurdity of the situation using humor. The trending Twitter hashtag, #NoWomanEver, is a brilliant example.

"Said no one ever" is a popular and humorous phrased used to highlight the ridiculousness of something. It's so popular that it's become a meme.

said no one ever alarm clock meme

#NoWomanEver seemingly takes this meme and applies it to the gender inequality that many women face every day. It was created by Twitter user @ImJustCeej, a 37-year-old from Atlanta named CJ, according to BuzzFeed.

CJ wanted to use "snark and sarcasm" to address (and lighten up) the conversation about men being “being woefully obtuse about street harassment” on Twitter – especially for young Black women. The hashtag brilliantly addresses a plethora of issues women deal with in their everyday lives:

1. On smiling

Women are frequently told to smile more or are asked why they aren't smiling. It's a bizarrely sexist double standard.

2. On "negging"

Negging is basically the practice pick-up artists use of demeaning women in hopes that by breaking down their self-esteem, they'll feel vulnerable enough to go out with them. It's stupid.

3. On feeling unsafe

Unfortunately, many women find themselves in situations where they feel their safety is in question if they don't accept a phone number from a man. It's an issue of male entitlement.

4. On Stalking

Whether it's online or in the real world, women are more likely to be stalked than men. In fact, "one in eight American women will get stalked in her lifetime," according to Psychology Today.

5. On catcalling

The majority of women think that catcalling is not a compliment. It's instead an uncomfortable and sometimes threatening form of street harassment.

6. On success

Women find that more likely than not, they face sexism in the business world, and feel that if they don't "tone it down a little" they'll risk alienating or even threatening their male colleagues or employers. Even Jennifer Lopez has had to deal with this issue.

Whether you identify as a woman or not, #NoWomanEver is an opening into a discussion that we need to have about how society perceives and treats women.