Photo Series Trend Confronts a Body Image Problem

June 17th 2016

Laura Donovan

Traditionally, women are the ones most likely to take sexy boudoir photos for their partners.


"Dudeoirs," however, are giving men a chance to get in on the fun and celebrate their bodies in photographic form.

Several dudeoir photoshoots have gone viral on social media over the past few months, and the men in these images have a broad range of body types. The popularity of these pictures shows that you don't need to fit a certain body standard to embrace the way you look in a playful photoshoot.





Arizona-based photographer Chad Castigliano, who has done several dudeoir shoots through his business Chronicker Photographer, told Cosmopolitan in April that he was surprised by how much the images seemed to resonate with his followers. Multiple transgender teens praised the woodsman photo below, as the man displays a ''comfortable in his own skin attitude," he said.

"Another trans teen messaged [me] and said how inspirational the Woodsman is to her because he has the body style she wants to achieve and she has put his photo on her body goal board," Castigliano told Cosmopolitan.

Photographer Masika May, who also photographs dudeoir, told The Huffington Post B.C. that she was shocked by the popularity of a photoshoot a man in his underwear:

"I expected it to get attention within our friend circle, because he's done funny stuff before and he's hilarious," May told The Huffington Post B.C. "I couldn't believe it was a half-naked, hairy man that made [my work] go viral."





Dudeoir photos are also inspiring others.



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