A Veteran Republican Went on a Tweetstorm About Donald Trump

June 16th 2016

Alex Mierjeski

Republican haters of Donald Trump have been lining up behind the likely GOP nominee as it becomes increasingly clear that the businessman is their only shot at the White House.

But not all of them.

On Wednesday night, GOP strategist Rick Wilson released a vicious and vulgar stream of jabs at Trump, who he dubbed Cheeto Jesus, in a series of Tweets criticizing both the candidate and his Republican supporters.

Wilson hasn't shied away from attacking the candidate before. In April, he predicted that a Trump presidency would usher in an "era of misery, scandal, racial strife, economic collapse, and war," and he has been a prominent vocal member of the Never Trump movement.

But even as the Republican-led movement to stymie Trump's path to the White House has lost steam in recent months, the Trump campaign's relationship with the Republican National Committee remains sour, Politico reported on Wednesday.

Wilson called out that discrepancy on Twitter, encouraging Republicans to "say what's in your hearts."

Wilson fixated Trump's Twitter activity following the mass shooting at a gay club in Orlando, Florida over the weekend as evidence that Trump is an impossible option for president. (Trump said he appreciated "the congrats for being right on radial Islamic terrorism" after the attack.)

Wilson's sentiment — presented in the tweets with a healthy dose of vinegar — is likely shared by both politicians and voters across the country, and on either side of the aisle.

According to one recent Washington Post/ABC News survey, some seven in 10 Americans hold an unfavorable view of Trump.