Here's How to Actually Do Something About Stopping Mass Shootings

June 16th 2016

Lucy Tiven

On Wednesday, a gun-control filibuster led by Connecticut Sen. Christopher Murphy (D) spurred a massive outpouring of support, and caught the attention of both political wonks and typically apolitical folks alike.

In the aftermath of the Pulse nightclub massacre this weekend, the filibuster essentially involved Senate Democrats arguing that common-sense gun laws (rather than, say, prayers) would help solve our country's horrendous gun violence problem.

Many people have already joined the conversation, and placed calls to their local lawmakers, according to a tweet by writer Jaclyn Opritza.

While the tweet mentions the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, you need not stick to the script — you can voice your support for the filibuster however you choose.

You can learn how to contact your full range of elected officials, from the mayor of your city to President Barack Obama, on the official website of the United States Government.

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