Giant Baby Wipes Could Replace Daily Showers

June 23rd 2016

Lucy Tiven

An inventor has come up with a convenient substitute for your daily shower — a giant baby wipe made out of sustainable materials, New York Magazine reported.

Epic Wipes are towel-sized baby wipes made of biodegradable and sustainable bamboo viscose, along with water and antibacterial oils.

Each wipe comes folded into a portable package, so you need not carry around a cumbersome, comically-sized baby wipe (or alert others to your hygienic experimentation).

Company founder Aeneas Janze was inspired to create the wipes when he served in the U.S. Army in Afghanistan.

Janze observed that the baby wipes commonly used by soldiers when they didn't have access to showers weren't especially effective. Traditional baby wipes also aren't sustainable, and they can contain dangerous chemicals and carcinogens.

Not ready to abandon your daily dip in the shower?

At the very least, the wipes could make your next camping trip or music festival less odoriferous. But be warned: The company recommends storing them as you would food — "at least 200 feet downwind from your sleeping site" so as not to attract bears.

The wipes would also be helpful in relief efforts after natural disasters.

During a natural disaster or other emergency, it can be difficult to find clean water, the CDC points out.

In these conditions, washing up prevents the spread of germs, disease, and illness. The wipes could potentially help those providing first aid after a crisis, and fend off infections that can occur when open wounds are exposed to dirt, grime, and foreign objects.

Each wipe will cost $2.99, according to the company's Kickstarter, which has already surpassed its fundraising goal. The Kickstarter also allows you to donate wipes to the U.S. troops and the American Red Cross.

[h/t New York Magazine]