Charlie Sheen Is the Face of This New Product

June 14th 2016

Alex Mierjeski

Swedish condom maker LELO on Monday revealed the celebrity face of its latest product: Charlie Sheen.

By Tuesday morning, LELO's Twitter feed was inundated with cries of protest.

In a promotional video for LELO's new Hex condoms, Sheen, the "Two and a Half Men" actor who famously revealed last November that he is HIV positive, offered his unique take on the importance of condoms.

But many Twitter users pointed to Sheen's history of violence against women and criticized the company for glossing it over.

"This is not a man who is involved in any of the good innovations in today's sexual culture," read one post on Facebook. "This is not 'safer sex.'"

LELO defended its choice by pointing to Sheen's position as someone who's able to engage with "STI prevention, condom usage, and change."

In a statement to ATTN:, a LELO representative said that "the whole purpose of the partnership between Charlie Sheen and LELO is to raise the awareness of HIV and the usage of condoms."


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Sheen's record of violence against women is a dark — and frustratingly little-acknowledged — undercurrent to his otherwise successful and lucrative career.

Between 1990 and 2011, there were several high-profile incidents:

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Sheen has downplayed his history of violence, characterizing claims that he is abusive to women as "smear campaigns."

Sex writer Chelsea G. Summers wrote that Sheen blamed his HIV status on "unsavory and insipid women."


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ATTN: reached out to Sheen's publicist for comment on this story and will update it accordingly.