Jon Stewart Just Threw Some Real Talk at Alabama and Kansas

February 12th 2015

Alicia Lutes

Two steps forward, three steps back. It's an unfortunate pattern, as evidenced by Jon Stewart's excoriation of certain Supreme Court justices and Governor Sam Brownback from Kansas. Turns out we're all pretty over our government-appointed officials clicking their heels three times and saying (as The Daily Show host put it), "there's no place like home...ophobia."

Stewart first railed against Kansas Governor Sam Brownback and his casual rollback of anti-discrimination protection laws that make it illegal to fire or harass someone based on their sexual orientation. Because apparently in Kansas, it's not a good time until someone's firing a transwoman for living her life open and honestly, or insisting a gay man's personal preferences will detract from their ability to do a job.

But thankfully, because Jon Stewart — though not long for this show, sniff — is a gift, he took it one step farther by coming down hard on Supreme Court Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas in addition to the federal mandate-circumventing Alabama justice Roy Moore who said that the state didn't actually have to listen to the ruling that their state's ban on gay marriage was unconstitutional. Because I guess equality under the law is more of a suggestion than a hard and fast rule in Alabama? After all, the state has a great track record in that regard (cough).

Watch the whole segment in full, below. Trust us when we say it's worth it: