American Apparel's Attempt To "Celebrate" Gay Pride Just Backfired

June 10th 2016

Taylor Bell

It's Pride Month 2016 and retailer American Apparel just unveiled its LGBT clothing campaigns. But the problem is, it doesn't really reflect the LGBT community all the way.

'Make America Gay' American Apparel

The retailer teamed up with the Human Rights Campaign and the Ally Coalition to "launch its 'Make America Gay Again' and 'Make America LGBT Again' campaigns" this week, Fusion reported. The campaigns feature different clothing and accessories with the signature rainbow symbol and messages supporting the LGBT community, but it was the words on one of the retailer's tote bags that got people fuming.

According to BuzzFeed, the backlash started when the retailer posted a picture on its Instagram account "with the term 'ally' on one of its LGBTQ tote bags."

People called the retailer out for swapping out the asexual identity that usually represents the "A" in the "LGBTQIAP" sexuality spectrum, and replacing it with "ally" in order to emphasize heterosexual people that support the LGBT community.

The "A" can also represent "aromatic" and "agender," Fusion reports. Although "ally" can be used, it is not common to do so, according to BuzzFeed. As a result, people felt that the company completely disregarded the asexual identity.

People tweeted their outrage using the hashtag #GiveItBack

American Apparel didn't necessarily apologize but has since issued a statement addressing people's concerns.