New Hashtag Hilariously Reveals a Hard Choice for Many Voters

June 8th 2016

Danielle DeCourcey

Supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vermont) have a tough choice ahead of them now that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has solidified her status as the Democratic Party's presumptive nominee.

Now that the choice seems to be between Clinton and presumptive Republican candidate Donald Trump, many Bernie people are moving to support Clinton — if reluctantly.

Twitter user @MadBlackThot started the hashtag #GirlIGuessImWithHer.

The hashtag expresses her desire to keep Trump out of office, but doesn't hide her lack of enthusiasm for Clinton.

Other Twitter users responded with their hilarious thoughts about the voting options.

ATTN: talked to Sanders supporters who'll be voting for Clinton in the general election.

Nathalie Kirsch, 27, of Boston, Mass., said she thinks Sanders is the best candidate overall. Nathalie Kirsch

"I think Sanders is a politician for the people. He's not doing it for power but because he honestly believes in change," Kirsch said.

But because it seems very likely that Sanders wont be in the race in November, Kirsch said she will probably vote for Clinton.

"I would vote for Hillary because she supports women's rights, and in this landscape, that credential is hard to beat."

Elin Riggs, 41, of Syracuse, New York, said she also was hoping to vote for Sanders in the general election.

Elin Riggs

"I liked his point of view on women's rights and access to college. He's also been consistent throughout his career on how he votes on different issues," Riggs said.

However, now that Clinton has all but clinched the nomination, Riggs will vote for her instead of Trump.

"She is the lesser of two evils. I don't respect her or her decision to stay with Bill after he openly lied about cheating on her. I think she talks about women's rights and people listen because she is a woman, but I've seen her flip flop on issues. But given the choices, of course I'm with her ... anyone but Trump."

The hashtag also highlights a rift between Clinton and some Black voters.

While Clinton has done well with Black voters overall, some remain unwilling to embrace her. This is partly due to her use 20 years ago of the racially loaded term "super predators" to describe violent offenders while she was touting President Bill Clinton's Crime Bill legislation.

In April, while on the campaign trail with his wife, Bill Clinton got into a shouting match with Black Lives Matter protesters over his continued defense of the bill.

Twitter users also spoke up about the confrontation.

In a video interview with Bloomberg following the Philadelphia incident, rapper and actor Ice Cube talked about Hillary Clinton's history with race and criminal justice.

Ice Cube talks about Hillary Clinton.

"To call your own citizens super predators is pretty harsh. That's a pretty big indictment. You know it's just like the term thug or hoodlum. It's just an easy brush to paint somebody with and it's really not solving the problem, it's just making it worse. Now the authorities feel like they are justified in how they treat this so-called super predator, and what is that? Who is that? I mean specifically, who are you talking about?" — Ice Cube

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