Comedian's Emotional Post About Hillary Clinton's Victory Is Striking a Nerve

June 8th 2016

Laura Donovan

"Parks and Recreation" writer Megan Amram's powerful and emotional reaction to Hillary Clinton's big victory on Tuesday night is striking a nerve with many of her fans.

Following the announcement that Clinton won the Democratic primaries in New Jersey and New Mexico, and became the first female presumptive presidential nominee for a major political party, Amram penned an emotional Facebook post about what the politician's achievement means to her as a woman.

Amram also detailed her mother's lifelong struggles and noted how validating it is for her mother to see a woman closer than ever before to becoming president.

"My mom got kicked out of her emotionally abusive home at age 16," Amram wrote. "She took out loans and paid for herself to graduate high school early and go to college early and go to medical school early and become a doctor, all without any financial or familial support. Her parents didn't go to college. She became an anesthesiologist. She married a bad man who left her four months after she gave birth to twin babies. He never came back or financially supported her or her children. He hasn't spoken to her or me or my brother in nearly fifteen years."

Amram wrote that despite all of these hardships, her mother worked very hard in order to instill such values on her kids, ultimately leading Amram herself to attend Harvard:

"She worked hard so I could work hard. I was the first person in my family to go to Harvard. It was harder because I was a girl, and people don't like girls that much, generally. I worked hard there and I worked hard after. I understand your criticisms. I understand that the American dream is broken, and that my mom's bootstrappy story is atypical and nearly unattainable, especially for people of color. But this did happen to my mom, and I am happy she gets to see a woman president in her lifetime. This is a huge day for incredible women like my mom and Hillary and everyone else."

Amram's fans flooded the comments section with support and love:


Amram has shown her support for Clinton on social media before:

Watch Clinton's Tuesday night speech, in which she talked about what her own mother taught her in life: