Colbert Just Revealed the Only Kind of Judge Trump Won't Accuse of Bias

June 7th 2016

Danielle DeCourcey

Donald Trump's claim that a Mexican American judge is too racially biased to preside over his Trump University fraud case raises a lot of questions.

The main one being, if any member of a group Trump has offended is unfit to judge him, then who can judge Trump?

On Monday night, Stephen Colbert tried to answer that question during an episode "The Late Show."

He started by playing back footage of Trump's interview with CNN's Jake Tapper, which is where he made the accusation of racial bias against U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel.

Donald Trump's comments on a judge.

"I've had horrible rulings. I've being treated very unfairly by this judge." said Trump to CNN. "Now this judge is of Mexican heritage. I'm building a wall."

Colbert slammed Trump's reasoning, starting with the fact that Mexican-American U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel was born in the U.S. Stephen Colbert

"Now the judge in question Gonzalo Curiel was born in the obscure Mexican province of Indiana. I hope I'm pronouncing that correctly."

Colbert then explained Trump's logic: he can't be judged by a member of any group that he's insulted. Colbert said that's going to be tough to find considering that many of Trump's comments are racist and sexist.

Stephen Colbert

"Trump’s point is he cannot be judged by a member of any group that he has offended. So, that means no Mexican judges, no Muslim judges, no Asian judges, no women judges unless she’s a 10. Trump has insulted the Pope, so no Catholic judges. He called everyone in Iowa stupid, so no judges that eat corn. You know what? Maybe Trump might be more comfortable if he couldn’t tell the judge’s race or gender. Maybe cover the judge up in an unbiased robe. Maybe make it a white robe with a matching hood, that seems about right.”

However Colbert said that there is one group who may be impartial to Trump in court.

"But there is one minority group Trump is reaching out to and pointing at," Colbert said.

Stephen Colbert

He referenced a Trump campaign event in California last week, during which Trump pointed to Black man and said "look at my African-American over here!"

"Well it shocked some people, but Trump did say he was going to start acting presidential and 'look at my African-American’ does sound like something Thomas Jefferson might have said.”

Stephen Colbert

Here's a clip of Colbert slamming Trump's comments on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert."


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