New Period Ad Exposes a Double Standard All Women Face

June 6th 2016

Almie Rose

One feminine hygiene company, Bodyform, is going where no feminine hygiene company has gone before — they're showing blood.


For years, commercials for sanitary pads or tampons depicted women's periods as something to be only alluded to. For example, the durability and thickness of said tampons or pads were shown by pouring a test tube of blue liquid onto the product, like in this 1992 Always pads commercial.

But Bodyform isn't afraid to show bleeding women for one key reason, which they not only use in their ad, but also tweet:

"Women bleed in sport all the time, but it doesn’t hold them back. Why should periods be any different?"

The ad (simply titled "Blood") shows women bleeding from various injuries they get while working out, kicking ass, and participating in sports, from surfing...

...to boxing and jogging...

...to ballet (which is actually the hardest injury to look at, you've been warned)...

...to the aftermath of being in a badass Medieval battle...

...and more.

Reactions have been overwhelmingly positive.

After the company tweeted the ad, Twitter users posted their thoughts of approval.

But really, this tweet sums it up the best:

You can watch the full Bodyform ad below: