Northeastern University Gets Backlash on Twitter for an Insane Offer

June 3rd 2016

Danielle DeCourcey

A university in Boston sent a tone deaf text about student loans that offended alumni and became a punch line on Twitter.

Northeastern University lists tuition, before fees and housing, at about $44,000 for this past school year, but they apparently still want more money from students.


The school sent alumni an automated text message inviting former students to play a game with their student loan debt.

The cheery text offered "summer's on us!"

"Summer's on us! Make a gift to NU and you could win $1K towards your student loan payments! Text PAYMYLOAN to 41444 to give now. Text STOP to Unsubscribe."

The text seems to make light of a very difficult financial situation for post graduates. Many people struggle to pay their student loans every month and millions of people have fallen behind on their payments, according to The Wall Street Journal. Meanwhile the cost of tuition continues to rise all over the country, according to CNBC. Northeastern's website says tuition will increase by about $2,000 for the coming 2016-2017 school year.

People on Twitter said the text was insensitive at best.

ATTN: reached out to Northeastern University about the text message campaign and the cost of tuition. We received this comment:

“Inspired by a well-intentioned donor, the university launched a one-time text message campaign to a limited group of alumni. It was a one-day effort and has now concluded.”

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