This Mom Just Destroyed 7 Myths About Single Mothers

June 2nd 2016

Laura Donovan

Australian blogger Constance Hall grew up with a single mother, and quite frankly, she is fed up with the many stereotypes they face.

Hall, who has more than 665,000 Facebook fans, wrote a viral post over the weekend calling out some major myths about single mothers. For instance, she calls out the assumption that the children of single mothers are inherently disadvantaged simply because the father may or may not be in that child's life. Hall "busts" these myths in her Facebook post, and argues that the children of single mothers are only disadvantaged because of the people who judge their families.

"The only disadvantage children of single parents face is the knowledge that their mum is being judged," Hall writes. "Kids are clever, they pick up on that shit."

Hall also writes that it's harmful to assume that all single mothers are broke:

"Single mums often work, often make a fuck load of cash, some drink Grey Goose and [wear] Chanel, others drink goon and don't wear much, it's called [variety]."



In her list, Hall notes two other single mother stereotypes that surround dating and relationships: Just because a woman is single does not mean she wants your husband or is uncomfortable hanging out with couples.

"Single mums aren't uncomfortable around couples or dogs or fire engines or sandwiches. Weird I know ... They don't want your husbands.. They didn't spend all this time getting rid of theirs and supporting their kids and working their arses off to have to wake up next to your farting, snoring, horny delight. He is all yours."

These are both common complaints from single moms. Last year, writer Hélène Tragos Stelian penned a Huffington Post piece pleading with couples to include single moms in social events and not assume doing so will "throw off" the balance.

Hall also asked people not to assume single mothers have done something wrong to get into their situation:

"They didn't fuck anything up. Anybody could wake up tomorrow and become a single parent, whether they chose it or not, anyone. High horses are for twats."

She wrapped up by saying she understands the in-between phase some women may face when they become single mothers:

"During my short stint of single motherhood a couple of years ago I felt like I wasn't in the mum crew, but I wasn't in the single friend crew either... I was #‎crewless (like clueless but I didn't have 2 mates) I didn't need pity because I was actually kicking goals and rocking out, it is tough but the toughest part is the stigma. #‎queencrew is where it's all.

Hall's fans celebrated her for sticking up for single mothers:


Read Hall's full Facebook post here.