George Takei's Latest Trump Takedown Is Genius

May 31st 2016

Danielle DeCourcey

George Takei's Facebook account shared viral post comparing the U.S. presidential election to American football, and the allegory seems to represent Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

It's been shared more than 11,000 times and liked more than 31,000 times. The Facebook post was posted on Takei's account, however it is unclear who it is attributed to.

The sports allegory doesn't name any names, but if you've been following the rhetoric of the Trump campaign, the references are there to catch.

The post sets up a scenario where the country's "football coach," who we can assume is President Obama, is retiring. A "wannabe coach" comes up and says he's perfect for the job, who is presumably Trump. A team member, who represents dissenting Americans, asks if the man has ever coached football before and he replies "that doesn't matter." We'll win "because we're champs."

A post to George Takei's account.

When the team member asks the wannabe coach what the plan will be to win, he insults him and tries to kick him off of the team. Another team member is willing to listen to the wannabe coach because he's famous.

Another team member speaks up to say that the wannabe coach's experience in baseball doesn't make him qualified to coach football. The wannabe coach insults this teammate as well — but this time with a racist stereotype about Latinos playing soccer.

The team member who originally objected doesn't say anything about the racist comment because he "doesn't want any more trouble." The wannabe coach continues to rant about how the other teams suck and then asks the poignant question "'so how 'bout it guys, am I your new coach or what?'"

The post on Takei's Facebook page is essentially saying that Trump is unqualified to be president, but he's made it this far due to his fame, money, and bullying of anyone who disagrees with him.

The allegorical sports story was not lost in the post's Facebook comments. Many of the people who commented continued with the story. One Facebook user said a bakery owner would be a more appropriate comparison for Trump's qualifying experience. Another said that the U.S. is being "suckered" into Trump's ideology, and another user advised that Trump should "stick to playing with his own balls instead of telling everyone else how to do so."

Other Facebook users extended the story to include the other candidates: Democratic presidential hopefuls former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). Some referenced Clinton's email scandal and others discussed Sanders as an alternative candidate to Clinton.

A Facebook user also extended the post's storyline to take shots at President Obama.

Facebook comments.

This isn't the first time George Takei has taken on Donald Trump. He shared a post from Steven Edwards detailing a scenario where Trump tries to answer the equation two plus two with a convoluted explanation that doesn't produce four.

The Star Trek actor himself also responded to Trump's comments about Muslims in an interview on HuffPostLive.

"In the 80s Congress wanted to reexamine the internment of Japanese Americans and I testified at that congressional commission. And they found that there were three items that was the cause of it: one, was racial prejudice; two, was war hysteria; and number three, was lack of political leadership...It is shocking that the reasons that put us in internment camps is alive today."

You can check out the post on George Takei's Facebook account below.

"Say you’re on a football team, and your coach is retiring. You decide as a team to select a new coach. Along comes this guy who says he’s perfect for the job. 'Have you coached football before?' one team member asks. 'That doesn’t matter,' the man says 'I’m going to be the best coach ever. We’re going to win. We’re going to win and win, because we’re champs.'
"'That’s great,' you say. 'But how? How are we going to win?'
"'What do you mean how? You sound like a loser,' the wanna-be coach says. 'I don’t want losers on my team. Why don’t you get out.'
"'I think he should stay. He’s allowed to ask how you’re going to coach us,' another teammate says.
"'Shut up and let him talk,' says another. 'I like this guy. He’s famous, give him respect.' Two of your teammates nod. Now you’re worried. This guy has them believing nonsense.
"'Okay, you wanna know?' the man shouts. 'Because I’m the best coach there is. I’ve been coaching baseball all my life, too. It’s a lot like football actually. Almost exactly like it. And we won lots of championships. The ladies love my players, too, because they love me. With me, you get to win. There’s no one better than me.' You look around and a few more of your team members are nodding. Are they hearing this guy?
But some team members remain skeptical. 'I understand you coached baseball before, but actually, I hear you lost most of the time,' your friend says. 'You got to coach baseball because your dad owned the team, but you still lost most of the time.'
'Who the heck are you? Do you even play football? What is it, Juan Carlos? You look like you play soccer, if you know what I mean.' Another team mate laughs. You don’t think it’s funny.
"Juan looks at you. You decide not to say anything more. You don’t want any trouble.
"'Look, don’t ask me how. The details don’t matter, because we’re going to win. The other teams suck. They’re a bunch of wimps and losers. And I’m the best coach there is, football, baseball, you name it. So how ‘bout it guys? Am I your new coach, or what?'"

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