Singer Reacts to His Music Being Placed in 'Gay' Section at Record Store

May 27th 2016

Almie Rose

This is Olly Alexander. He's English, the singer of the band Years & Years, and yes, as the shirt states, he's gay.

Olly Alexander gay t-shirt

A fan happened upon his CD placed in a designated "Gay" section of a store, and tweeted the image at him.

Alexander was quick to retweet and respond.

He then broke it down.

Alexander then tweeted that he was on his way to the studio to make "#gaymusic."

We don't know how his CD got into what admittedly looks like a DVD section, but it brings up a larger issue.

Many actors/musicians/artists are afraid to come out because they're worried they'll be permanently labeled as gay, as though that's their only identifier.

The Advocate reported on a study done by SAG's National LGBT Actors Committee on what challenges their LGBT members face in the entertainment industry. Their results were not optimistic. "More than half of gay and bisexual performers have heard directors and producers make antigay comments about actors," The Advocate reports.

One study participant said it all when he admitted, "when you are out and play gay roles, the casting community and producers have a hard time seeing you in straight roles."

Though Neil Patrick Harris can overcome this issue, he's the exception.

According to the study, another gay actor referred to playing a gay actor as being "career kryptonite."

But some musicians hope it might be getting better. 

Adam Lambert told entertainment reporter Stephanie Soteriou that in the music industry, he feels it doesn't really doesn't matter any more if an artist is gay. 

"It’s a different world. A lot has progressed, especially in America. It has always been a bit more forward over here [the UK], but I think the states are catching up. I think the people in the industry have realised [sic] that it doesn’t matter to people buying music, it just doesn’t make a difference, it’s not a big deal any more.

It doesn’t have to be one of the facts and details about you as an artist; I don’t think it makes sense to be 'gay artist Adam Lambert', it’s just not necessary."

And with reactions like Olly Alexander's, it definitely will get better.

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