These Images Give a Voice to This Overlooked Group of Dads

June 17th 2016

Laura Donovan

A French artist is receiving a lot of positive feedback on social media for his touching illustrations of life as a single dad.

Yannick Vicente created a series of illustrations that depict what it has been like for him to raise his 4-year-old daughter Anaé. Many of his images have been translated to English on Facebook, and they highlight some of the unique challenges he has faced as a single dad with a little girl.

One illustration, for example, shows his little girl asking where babies come from:

Another image reveals the way children help their parents more than they realize:

One image shows how hard it can be for single dads to know how to do their daughter's hair.

"[My daughter] laughs at this one because it's the absolute truth," Vicente told TODAY. "I struggled to learn how to do her hair."

Vicente told ATTN: via email that "everyday situations" with his daughter inspired him to create the drawings, as life with her is an "inexhaustible source."

He added that his daughter recognizes herself in his drawings but is still too young to perhaps get a full grasp of their significance.

"She also found that I am thinner [in] the drawing," he wrote, adding that many people have responded positively to his drawings and that he has launched a project on Patreon to help finance a book of his designs on fatherhood.

Vicente told TODAY that even though his daughter's mother lives near them and is involved in certain aspects of their child's life, he is managing her day-to-day life. Though he struggles with life as a single parent at times, he told TODAY that it makes such a difference that his little girl helps him out as well.

"I'm fortunate to have a wonderful girl that helps me with many things," he said.

Vicente's illustrations have touched the hearts of many people all over:


"I've received some wonderful messages from dads who are in a difficult situation after a divorce or separation, and they tell me how much I inspire them," he told Upworthy. "But it's really wonderful that moms find my pictures inspiring as well. I want to touch as many lives as possible."

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