CVS Bans Selling Cigarettes!

September 4th 2014

Alece Oxendine

Here's some good news for a change: CVS (now called CVS Health) has banned selling cigarettes in an effort to be more health-conscious. 

Thank you for not smoking

CVS leads the way in the ever-changing health care landscape in order to be a wellness destination for Americans, especially those with lower incomes. Skip Snow, a health care analyst at Forrester Research, says that “health care is going to retail, especially for people without privilege.” CVS is more convenient than many hospitals and medical offices, offering flu shots and vaccinations through their Minute Clinic. To continue expanding these services, CVS has teamed up with hospital groups as well. By not selling cigarettes, they have made the first step in achieving this goal, despite cutting into their potential profit margins. Millennials in general have been skeptical of the health industry, but it seems that CVS is genuine in their intentions in pursuing a triple bottom line. Let's hope other stores follow suit...