The Future is Now Thanks to...Weed Vending Machines?

February 5th 2015

Alicia Lutes

Don't let anybody ever tell you that the future isn't happening right this very second. Because we're fairly certain this marijuana-dispensing vending machine would beg to differ (if it were a human that could talk and all).

Yup — you read that right: there are marijuana vending machines out there in the world, like this fancy-schmancy digital one that was just installed at a dispensary in Seattle, Washington. The snazzily named ZaZZZ Marijuana Vending Machine made its debut at Seattle Caregivers on Tuesday morning, touting itself as the first age-verifying, climate-controlled, self-service dispensary.

Is it as simple as tossing a couple quarters in a slot and banging on the side (at just the right time) to insure a sticky treat? Almost! The weed machine does have one caveat that your soda-and-Cheetos dispensers lack: a bit of a bouncer ...in the form of an ID-checking employee to ensure all sales are legal. (Hey, this vending machine's goodies aren't for everyone, OK?)

So we suppose that is the one thing that takes this machine out of the future, so to speak: because we all know eventually these things will be able to verify who we are and our eligibility with a quick scan of the eye or a fingerprint.