Calvin Klein Model, Klara Kristin, Responds to Controverial Up-Skirt Photo

May 16th 2016

Laura Donovan

Calvin Klein recently came under fire for posting an up-skirt ad on Instagram:


A photo posted by Calvin Klein (@calvinklein) on

Many commenters argued that the ad was in poor taste, exploitative, and degrading to women. It even prompted the National Center of Sexual Exploitation to start a petition against Calvin Klein for "glamorizing sexual harassment and assault."


But 22-year-old Klara Kristin, the Danish actress and model in the image, has quite a different perspective on the advertisement.

Kristin shared an Instagram photo on Friday defending her pose and female sexuality at large:


A photo posted by Klara Kristin (@karate_katia) on

"I ✨LOVE✨ this photo @harleyweir took of me 🌙," she wrote. "[A]ll this discussion about it makes me think about how alienated and scared some people are to the female human body... Be and love yourself and your sexuality ✨💖✨#girlpower @calvinklein"

Though Kristin received some negative feedback for participating in the ad, some people lauded her for embracing her body:


As Independent Journal Review writer Reid Mene noted in a piece last week, Kristin is 22 — not a minor — invalidating claims that the image promotes pedophilia.

Klara Kristin has opened up about owning her sexuality before.

Last year, Kristin told Dazed Digital that women's bodies are overly sexualized, adding that she appeared in the sexual drama "Love" in part to encourage other women to take ownership of their bodies and sexuality.

“If you’d asked me about feminism a year ago, I would have said, ‘Come on, we have a female prime minister' [in Denmark]," she said. "But there’s so much work to be done. Women have become so sexualized over the last 30 years. One reason I did the film is because I could. Because I don’t have a father who would kill me if I did. I have the freedom to choose what I do with my body."

She said that some would argue she objectified herself by embracing her sexuality in "Love," but that she was "still in control" no matter what.

"I’m still in control, I have the power and I’ve done it to help other girls out there," she said.

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