This Billionaire's Reason for Voting for Trump Is Every Millennial's Worst Nightmare

May 12th 2016

Lucy Tiven

On Wednesday, 87-year-old billionaire oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens announced his endorsement for presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, the Wall Street Journal reported. Pickens gave this explanation as to why he wasn't worried about the possibility of a Trump presidency going badly: he would be dead soon anyway.

“I’m ready to take a chance on it,” Pickens told billionaire investor Sam Zell, in a panel at the SALT conference at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. “And just in case it’s a mistake, [I’ll] be gone.”

Pickens wasn't always eager to hop aboard the Trump train.

Pickens, who previously endorsed former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, also described Trump's inexperience as a virtue, in his recent comments. This is a change of tune for the business magnate; he previously remarked that the presidential race was turning "into a reality TV show" and suggested that prospective candidates be screened by a bipartisan committee in a 2015 blog post.

Despite endorsing him, Pickens didn't entirely shy away from criticizing Trump at the event. “I’ll tell you, Donald always overestimates how successful he is,” he said.

It's possible that he had a change of heart about Trump?

“I’m tired of having politicians as president of the U.S.,” Pickens said on Wednesday. “Let’s try something different.”

Pickens also voiced support for Trump's proposed ban on Muslims entering the country at the event.

"We’ve got to have a better policy on bringing people into the U.S.,” he said. “It’s kind of like, ‘just wander in.’”

However, when asked about Trump's policy positions, Pickens responded with another question. “How many diametrically opposed statements have been made by Hillary Clinton?" he asked.

A vote for the future?

As many voters consider which candidates and policies to cast their ballot for in this election cycle, their votes will ultimately impact not only their interests, but those of coming generations.

Republican and Democratic presidential hopefuls alike campaign on promises of a better future.

Though many of Trump's policies remain somewhat vague, his platform is extremely aspirational — to literally "Make America Great Again." From his recent comments, Pickens does not seem to care if America will be "Great Again," because in his words, he'll "be gone."

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