The Internet Is Reacting to Chris Evans Dating Jenny Slate in the Worst Possible Way

May 11th 2016

Tricia Tongco

This morning US Weekly reported that Jenny Slate and Chris Evans are dating, following Slate's recent split from her husband. And the Internet lost it.

Prior to this report, Slate and Evans had both appeared on the podcast “Unqualified” together, so some people weren’t too surprised.

The reason many people were shocked, however, was downright sexist.

People are judging and attacking Slate’s appearance, deeming her unworthy of Evans, the “hot” guy who played Captain America.

In the past Evans has dated actresses Minka Kelly and Jessica Biel and has been linked to Lily Collins and Sandra Bullock, according to US Weekly. But those pairings never resulted in such vitriol.

These reactions reveal the high amount of pressure women must deal with when it comes to their looks and the impossible beauty standards they face.

People also exhibited a more subtle form of sexism:

While it’s fair to say anyone who has found a romantic partner is “lucky,” it seems that Slate, "Allegedly Average Looking Woman," is "lucky," because she’s dating Evans, "Hot Guy." But this formula is seriously flawed, because attraction and beauty are subjective.

Hollywood’s sexist underrepresentation and objectification of women has seriously warped beauty standards, as one person pointed out:

Fans of Slate, who herself is a talented comedian, actress and author, flipped the script:

While jealousy was a common theme in the response to the couple, so was solidarity:

In contrast to the shock that many expressed, there’s been excitement over the new couple, too:

And at the end of the day, one of Slate's characters (Mona-Lisa from "Parks and Recreation") has the best way to handle the haters and trolls: