This Rant Comparing Pres. Obama to Donald Trump is Being Shared Everywhere

May 7th 2016

Taylor Bell

A Facebook post is going viral for its blunt message calling out the hypocritical and racist supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The post was originally penned by Jonathan Giftos and currently has more 39,000 likes and 36,000 shares at the time of publication. In the post, Giftos points out society's unfair criticism toward President Barack Obama while lacking that same critical eye toward Donald Trump.

To Giftos' point, Trump has proven to be somewhat of a unifying thread for racist supporters.

Trump supporters continue to face criticism.

Individuals who support the outspoken Republican candidate haven't had it easy. SNL recently mocked Trump supporters by showing them with Ku Klux Klan gear, wearing swastikas, burning crosses, and bearing the name "Racists for Donald Trump."

And while 45 percent of Trump supporters characterize black people as "violent," they are actually more likely than any other group to engage in violence themselves, as evident with the many instances of fighting and assaults at Trump rallies.

Even the GOP is backing down.

Although Trump is likely to secure the Republican presidential nomination, a number of Republican leaders and Republican voters have distanced themselves from Trump and his offensive rhetoric, including Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. Ryan recently announced that he was not ready to endorse Trump while conservative heavyweight Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) also withheld his support for Trump. This week the senator said he would not vote for Trump or Democratic front-runner Hilary Clinton for president this year, according to CNN.