The Bigotry That This Woman Faced in a Target Bathroom Will Make You Cringe

May 7th 2016

Taylor Bell

Ever since Target announced it would allow transgender people to use the restroom that suits their gender identity, people have been freaking out.

Target Pride

Just ask blogger Ellie DeLano, who was only trying to use the restroom in peace.

After dinner having with her daughter, DeLano made a pit stop at a Target restroom. She sat down to take care of business when things got pretty weird.


According to DeLano, a woman came up to her stall and peered through the gap while Delano was using the restroom.

"I am not making this up," DeLano wrote in a post for SheKnows. "And let me tell you, it was awkward. Bizarre, even. This wasn't a case of someone hoping all those occupied stalls aren't really occupied. Mine was the only stall that was occupied. She deliberately stopped and stared in at me. My startled eyes met hers, and she moved away, into one of the larger stalls."

When DeLano went to wash her hands, the woman apologized for the invasion of privacy only after confirming that DeLano was not a transgender person.

DeLano explained the woman's response in her post:

"Sorry about that," she said. "But you know, Target lets men and homosexuals use just any bathroom now. I was making sure you were a woman."


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Shocked by what happened, DeLano went to tell her daughter, who has a girlfriend.

"I walked out, utterly gobsmacked, and it wasn't until I caught up with my daughter and told her the whole ridiculous story that I realized the complete and utter irony of it," Delano wrote. "This woman deliberately made me feel horribly uncomfortable just because she was uncomfortable with the extremely vague possibility of someone being different than expected behind a closed and locked stall door."

The national debate about accommodating transgender identity in public restrooms is still going strong.

Target has received a lot of backlash from people who think the store's inclusive bathroom policy would invite trouble. A recent series of videos criticizing Target— made by straight, cisgender (non-transgender) men — claim that the policy would make it easier for perverts and pedophiles to attack children.



Since North Carolina attempted to move forward with House Bill 2 — which would require transgender individuals to use the bathroom of the gender they were born with the state has been heavily criticized for discrimination against the transgender community.

In a win for equality, last week the United States Justice Department stated that the bill violated the U.S. Civil Rights Act of 1964.