Elizabeth Warren and Donald Trump Are Furiously Tweeting at Each Other

May 6th 2016

Kyle Jaeger

Elizabeth Warren may have refused calls from progressives to run for president, but she's not shying away from trading barbs with Donald Trump on Twitter.


Trump got things started on Friday afternoon.

He tweeted that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton should choose Warren as a running mate and that he'd "defeat them both."

It's a bold piece of advice considering the fact that Warren has proved to be a popular progressive icon; and an all-female presidential ticket could "electrify Democrats and widen a gender gap that is already wide enough to swallow Trump, long accused of misogyny," wrote the Washington Post's Dana Milbank in March.


He also dug up some old allegations about Warren. 

He also called attention to a past controversy involving Warren, who was accused of claiming Native American heritage in order to benefit from educational and job opportunities. Those allegations proved unfounded, The Atlantic reports, but questions about Warren's heritage linger today.


Warren fired off a series of tweets within two hours of Trump's original post.

It's not necessarily surprising that Trump would lash out at Warren at this stage in the election.

Warren has been a vocal critic of Trump and his policies since he entered the presidential race last year. When he became the presumptive Republican nominee this week — after both Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich dropped out of the race — Warren responded that Trump's rise meant that the U.S. now faces a character test.

"What happens next will test the character for all of us – Republican, Democrat, and Independent," Warren wrote. "It will determine whether we move forward as one nation or splinter at the hands of one man's narcissism and divisiveness."

On a related note, Clinton's opponent, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, said on Friday he was open to taking a position as vice president in the Clinton administration if she goes on to win the party nomination and general election.

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