Donald Trump Just Responded to Ted Cruz Suspending His Campaign

May 4th 2016

Alex Mierjeski

Following a surprise announcement that Republican presidential contender Ted Cruz would suspend his campaign on Tuesday, GOP front-runner Donald Trump said that his path to the eventual party nomination is clearer than ever. 

"We had a tremendous victory today," the business mogul said from his campaign headquarters in New York City. Cruz, who was expected to win in Tuesday's Indiana primary vote, made the announcement shortly after a decisive loss in the state to Trump. 

There was no talk of "lyin' Ted" on Tuesday, the refrain Trump has used to describe the Texas senator in recent months. Cruz, he said, had been "one hell of a competitor. He is a tough, smart guy, and he's got an amazing future. So I want to congratulate Ted," he said, adding that Cruz's announcement was a courageous one. 

"We're going to love each other, we're going to cherish each other," Trump said. 

While Ohio Gov. John Kasich remains in the race, Cruz was viewed as the most reliable bulwark against Trump's divisive candidacy. 

The reshuffling of the GOP candidate pool brings Trump closer to his chances at getting the 1,237 delegates needed to secure the GOP nomination. 

"We're gonna win in November," the candidate said. "We're gonna win big."