CeeLo Green Tweets Insane Definition of Rape

September 4th 2014

Alece Oxendine

The internet did a collective facepalm after Cee Lo Green, formerly of Goodie Mob and The Voice, attempted to "define" rape on Twitter. 

CeeLo Green Tweets Offensive Rape Comment

His twitter account was temporarily deleted but his hurtful words basically said that rape is only considered rape when the victim remembers. Hmmm...

Inigo Montoya meme

Rape, sexual assault and harassment are touchy subjects to talk about in a public sphere, especially for survivors.  CeeLo's statements comes on the heels of California's recent passage of the "Yes Means Yes". This new bill mandates a clear affirmation of consent before sex. Conversations and actions attempting to prevent rape are good. Trying to define rape with misogynistic undertones: bad.

CeeLo is the least of all people to speak with authority on the subject; he pleaded no contest to a 2012 case where he allegedly drugged a woman's drink. In California, no less. 

Hey celebrities! If you want to talk about rape on social media, here's what you should say: "Rape is bad. Don't do it." Or just voice your support of bills like Yes Means Yes. 

One more option?

The bipartisan Campus Safety and Accountability Act, sponsored by Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Marco Rubio, would also require colleges to publish their sexual assault statistics online so that parents and students can make an informed choice when comparing universities. To add your name in support of the legislation, click here.