Fake Customer Service Accounts Are Trolling Target Bathroom Haters

May 3rd 2016

Kyle Jaeger

People complaining on Target's Facebook page about its gender-inclusive bathroom policy are finding the responses from "customer service agents" to be far less polite than usual.

That's because the responses aren't actually coming from Target representatives.

Instead, the responses are coming from Facebook Users who created fake accounts to make it seem like they represent Target.

What's the cause of all this sneakiness?

Last month, Target took a stand against a North Carolina law that requires transgender individuals to use public restrooms that align with their biological gender.

In a statement, the company reasserted its commitment to inclusively and welcomed "transgender team members and guests to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity."

Target Pride

Target goers who oppose the new policy have vowed to boycott the company on Facebook. That's when the fake customer service accounts rolled in, hilariously trolling the bathroom haters.

"Made a bad call on letting male say [sic] they female in bathroom done with Target," one Facebook user wrote.


"Marilyn," a Facebook account that features the Target logo replied, "Made a ball call by letting you pass 4th grade. Hope this helps." (The note is signed "Target Customer Team Member).





"Thank God Walmart still wants my business. later target," another user wrote.


"Hi Mike, We don't want your business," a fake Facebook account for Walmart commented.

This isn't the first time that anonymous vigilantes have assumed the identity of Target's customer service department online and messed with anti-LGBT customers. As ATTN: previously reported, the same thing happened last year when Target announced that it was eliminating gendered signage in several of the store's sections, including the kids' toy department.

Facebook's platform offers an ideal environment for sharing opinions, and Target has received a huge influx of both support and hate on social media for advocating on behalf of the LGBT community. While Target's verified account hasn't bothered to respond to critics of its bathroom policy, LGBT allies have taken it upon themselves to provide unfiltered commentary on the controversy.

[h/t Queerty]

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