Woman Tweets About Having a Baby in Her Car

May 3rd 2016

Lucy Tiven

Comedian Beth Newell spurred a bizarre conversation about childbirth when she tweeted about having a baby in her car on Monday.

Newell did really give birth in her car, and in her initial tweet, she shared an image of her newborn, and jokingly asked Honda to replace her vehicle, Someecards reports. Many of the responses on Twitter failed to recognize that Newell — who founded and edits the well-known satirical website Reductress — was being facetious, and did not actually expect the company to supply her with new wheels. Some Twitter users also expressed some troubling and seemingly sincere misconceptions about the process of labor.

Many of the infuriated replies seemed to fundamentally misunderstand how babies are born.

Some Twitter users blamed Newell for the mess, and accused her of making a poor decision about where to give birth. Obviously, women do not always pick and choose where they go into labor, and sometimes it can happen at an inconvenient moment.

Another enraged Twitter troll suggested that he should receive a free car for masturbating in his — making an absurd and sexist equivocation between going into labor, and choosing to jerk off.

One Twitter user simply launched an outlandish and baseless attack on the appearance of Newell's newborn.

Others took issue with the idea that new mothers might feel 'entitled' to certain privileges and amenities.

One tweet asserted that "it wasn't Honda's fault" that Newell had her baby in the car.

As many Twitter users noted, Newell was likely referencing the So Cal Honda Dealers "Random Acts of Helpfulness" campaign, which performs random acts of goodwill to unsuspecting civilians across Southern California.

Honda, for its part, offered Newell congratulations, and implied that she could contact them about some sort of complimentary service via direct message.