Woman Tweets Details of Her Period at Donald Trump to Prove an Important Point

May 1st 2016

Lucy Tiven

On Tuesday, Republican front-runner Donald Trump gave a viewers a taste of what a face-off with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton might look like, when he slammed Clinton in a primary victory speech, and attributed her success to "the woman's card." Twenty-four-year-old Lindsey Toiaivao, like many other women, did not take kindly to this turn of phrase.

Toiaivao found a creative way to fire back at Trump the following day, when she got her period and decided to tweet the details of her menstrual cycle at GOP presidential hopeful, the Daily Dot reported.

Toiaivao, who lives in Los Angeles, told the Daily Dot that she had not previously termed her period a "woman's card" but was inspired to take up Trump's rhetoric and give him a lesson in female reproductive health. "Given his casual and virulent misogyny over the course of the campaign and his recent comments about Hillary pulling 'the woman card,' I thought this might also be a valuable educational experience for him," she told the Daily Dot.

She shared her experiences with various menstrual products with Trump, and suggested that he look into related scientific research.

Toiaivao also told the real estate mogul about her first visit from "Aunt Flo."

Even if her Tweetstorm didn't reach the Donald himself, Toiaivao said that she hoped that someone in the Trump camp took notice of her blood flow.

"Likely, some misogynistic social media intern at the Trump campaign has browsed those tweets and cringed," she told the Daily Dot. "And the thought of that eases my cramps considerably."

"I may start calling it my Trump card—because when I have it I become irascible and hateful, and unmentionable things start spewing from my wherever," she added, referencing a jab Trump directed at Fox debate moderator Megyn Kelly at an August GOP debate that was widely interpreted as suggesting that Kelly was being hard on Trump because she was on her period. Trump, for his part, said that this was not the case.

Toiaivao isn't the first woman to troll a Republican with her period.

As ATTN: has previously reported, after Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) signed an anti-abortion law in March, many infuriated women prank called his office, detailing their menstrual cycles and reproductive health concerns, and shared the conversations on the Facebook page Periods for Pence.

Though Toiaivao's tweets responded to Trump's sexist rhetoric rather than his stance on specific women's health issues, many women believed the turn of phrase "the woman's card" was indicative of Trump's general ignorance about women's issues.

Tuesday's speech was far from an aberration for the presidential hopeful, who has received criticism for his remarks about women throughout his primary run.

Clinton was also quick to turn Trump's "woman card" accusation on its tail, and she quickly adopted the catch phrase "deal me in."

You can read more of Toiaivao's sassy comments about her cycle on her Twitter.

[h/t the Daily Dot]