Trans Bathroom Bills Have Created a Terrible New Problem

April 29th 2016

Almie Rose

The so-called "Bathroom Bills," laws that declare that a person has to use the bathroom that corresponds with the gender they were born with, are creating more problems than they're solving

The problem that they aim to solve? Keeping "men pretending to be women" out of women's restrooms. The problems they're creating: boycotts and vitriol

Here's a new problem: "bathroom police" hanging out near women's restrooms.

Eric Nicholson of The Dallas Observer reported on a frustrating aspect of America's bathroom panic. Jessica Rush was exiting the women's restroom in Baylor Medical Center in Frisco when she was bombarded by a man lurking right outside the door who had a few questions for her, according to The Dallas Observer.

Rush had her phone ready to record, because, as she told ATTN:, "he was inside the bathroom, and once he realized I was a woman he began to leave, but was continuing to talk, so I flipped on the video 'cause I wanted to show my wife." 

bathroom police

"You didn't look like a girl when I saw you enter," the stranger explains, "so I thought you was a..."

"...a boy?" offered the female Jessica Rush, who was born female, identifies as female, but apparently caused way too much confusion by having short hair and wearing basketball shorts to be seen as female.

"Are you a...?" he trails off.

After Rush confirms she is not "a boy," the man explains, "That's the only reason [why I confronted you]. Now that I see a woman..." he trails off again.

bathroom police

Shockingly, it's the confrontational man who asks, "Is there a problem?" — not Rush, the woman who was just trying to use the women's restroom.

It's justifiably awkward, and Rush doesn't give him an easy out.

"You dress like a man," he blurts out, and retreats.

bathroom police

"That's the shit we deal with," Rush says, ending the video. When she spoke to ATTN:, she clarified, "'We' stands for me and other gay friends that have had the same thing happen. [Because of] The androgynous look."

She explained her exasperation to Nicholson, of The Dallas Observer, saying, "I look very much like a girl. I'm not trying to transition, nothing like that." Rush adds this isn't even the first time this has happened. In her past, she's had incidents where she's been accused (by other women) of being a man in the women's restroom.

But when she gives up and decides to just use the men's room, she hears, "Whoa, there's a chick in the bathroom! Get out, get out!"

"It makes me feel suuuper insecure," she confesses.

Of the whole ordeal Rush felt, "extremely embarrassed. At first [I felt] scared because I thought I was about to be attacked. Until he said why he was in there." 

This article was updated at 9:45 pacific time with comments from Rush.

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