Amy Schumer Just Hilariously Nailed the Biggest Problem With Guns in America

April 28th 2016

Taylor Bell

Actress and comedian Amy Schumer has spoken out about stronger guns laws, and now she's also using her own show to speak about gun violence.


In a sketch for her show "Inside Amy Schumer," the comedian pokes fun at the nation's loopholes in gun laws which allows anyone to purchase weapons at gun shows without a background check, EW reports.

The "Welcome to the Gun Show" sketch, which airs this upcoming Thursday, features Schumer as a host on the home shopping network. She and her co-host take turns selling firearms to some very shady callers, apparently mocking how easy it is for guns to legally end up in the wrong hands in the United States.

Inside Amy Schumer

"This was a sketch that Amy personally felt really strongly about,” Dan Powell, executive producer for "Inside Amy Schumer," told EW. "The whole writers room piped in with jokes and ideas and things like that but ultimately, this was Amy’s baby.”

Schumer has been a long-time advocate for strict gun laws.

In the summer 2015, a man opened fire in a Louisiana movie theater during a screening of her movie "Trainwreck." The shooting devastated the comedian, and shortly after she teamed up with her cousin Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) to call for tighter gun legislation. Then in October 2015, she again appeared with Sen. Schumer to push for laws that would extend background checks for people purchasing guns online or at gun shows.

And as ATTN: reported, the comedian recently revealed that she had to get a bodyguard after she received death threats for speaking out against gun violence.


Earlier this year President Barack Obama took executive action and proposed background checks for guns purchased on online and gun shows.

According to a New York Daily News/Rasmussen Reports poll, 80 percent of Americans want tougher gun laws and believe that the nation must take more steps to ensure that less mass shootings occur. In addition, the poll found that 33 percent of people believe that background checks are the most effective way to prevent gun violence.

You can watch the full sketch here: